Our Fast and Forever Weight Loss System

What’s the key to successful, lasting weight loss? A good partner.

That’s what you’ll find in our team of medical practitioners at Lyceum Physical Medicine. Say goodbye to futile attempts at weight management based on fad diets and well-meaning (but often incorrect) advice from friends. At last, enter into a medically based, effective weight loss plan with our experienced group of doctors guiding you every step of the way. No harmful drugs, no excessive exercise, just results.

  • Our weight loss department will evaluate your health, nutritional, and weight-management goals and needs.
  • With this information, we’ll create a sensible plan customized just for you. One-size-fits-all weight loss programs would only make sense in a world where everyone was exactly the same. Since each person who comes into our offices is unique, each of our weight loss plans is unique.
  • As you implement the plan and experience real results, you will continue to consult with us for follow-up treatment and to have any of your questions answered.

With many trendy diets, the “solution” is worse than the problem, demanding unhealthy cuts in calories or eliminating necessary vitamins and minerals. Our weight loss system won’t compel you to make radical lifestyle changes, have surgery, or take damaging medications. Instead, it’s based on common-sense protocols that are backed by science and lead to nearly immediate changes in body chemistry.

Do not spend another day stuck at an unhealthy weight that puts you at risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other serious problems. Reclaim your vitality, your figure, and so much more TODAY by scheduling an appointment with the supportive team at Lyceum Physical Medicine.

Our Nutrition Services

Have you been trying to take control of your nutrition, but still don’t feel right? Schedule a consultation with one of our nutrition experts for:

  • Vitamin and mineral testing and analysis
  • Food sensitivity testing
  • Supplementation that effectively resolves your deficiencies
  • Guidance on nourishing your body to overall better health, longevity, and wellness
  • Digestive cleansing for rebooting your internal systems
  • Nutrition planning that doesn’t involve eating pre-made cardboard for the rest of your life

Vitamin, mineral, antioxidant, and nutrient deficiencies keep you from healing well, fending off diseases, and just feeling good. Even people with healthy diets and habits (like taking multivitamins) can still suffer from vitamin deficiencies that suppress the immune system and lead to health problems in the long term.

If you don’t leave your household appliances to the amateurs when it comes to maintenance, why would you leave your body to the amateurs? Take charge of your nutrition and schedule an appointment today with Lyceum Physical Medicine.

Welcome to the next generation of body contouring and slimming technology. Lipo Light Pro is simply the best technology in this fast growing market.