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When it comes to taking charge of our health, some changes can seem overwhelming. But there is one small change you can make today that will have an instant impact on your health: stop drinking soda. With this simple step, you will gain the following health benefits:

  • Improve your heart health – Multiple studies have shown the damaging effects of soda on your heart. A 2012 Harvard University study found that participants who drank soda frequently were 20% more likely to have – and die from – a heart attack. Another study showed that soda raises your blood pressure: and the more you drink, the higher it goes.
  • Reduce your risk of chronic disease – Soda is a leading contributor to America’s obesity epidemic. Obesity has a long list of health complications, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. Cut out soda and you’ll notice a reduction in your waistline.
  • Reduce the strain on your kidneys – Caffeine is a diuretic and can leave you dehydrated if you aren’t careful about your water intake. Your kidneys need plenty of water to flush waste from your system, and dehydration can lead to kidney disease and/or failure. But diet and caffeine-free sodas are just as bad, since they contain high amounts of sodium (salt) which also has a negative effect on kidney health.
  • Your bones will be stronger – The link between soda and osteoporosis has long been established. Cutting out soda will decrease your risk of osteoporosis, and consuming high calcium foods such as broccoli and almond milk will help strengthen your bones.
  • Your brain will function better – People often drink soda for the caffeine boost, looking for help to get over that 3pm hump. However, it can have a negative impact on your brain in the long run. One study showed that regular, long-term consumption of soda leads to impaired learning as well as memory and behavioral problems.
  • You’ll improve your reproductive health – Some sodas – but not all – contain Bysphenol-A (BPA). This chemical is linked to an increased risk of cancer and impairment of the endocrine system. It can also interfere with the function of women’s reproductive systems, increasing the risk of infertility.

Research has proven time and time again that soda is bad for our health. That is why health experts have supported a tax on soda and other sugary beverages, such as the one recently passed by Philadelphia. If you want to improve your health, put down the soda and reach for water instead.

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