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We live in a time where joint replacement surgery is not the only option for relief from from arthritis or other diseases or injuries. Thanks to innovations in medicine and technology, places like the Stem Cell Institute of America are able to provide patients with safe, effective, ethical and non-surgical methods to treat conditions causing joint discomfort and immobility.

Many people are affected by common joint ailments such as sports injuries, inflammation caused by arthritis, joint pain or degenerative joint disease. Most often, these conditions are treated with over-the-counter medicine, prescription drugs, physical therapy, steroid injections, painkillers and major surgery.

However, each of these treatments carries its own set of risks. If you mask the pain with painkillers or steroid injections, one could further the damage from overuse. Prescription drugs come with possible side effects, potentially increasing your risk for stroke, heart attack and internal bleeding. Many who choose these paths end up electing for invasive and painful surgery just to see longer lasting results.

Patients don’t have to choose between living with chronic pain and major surgery. Regenerative therapies from The Stem Cell Institute of America take advantage of the body’s natural ability to heal itself and provide long-lasting results. Healing cells are injected into the area by a trained practitioner and they get to work regenerating damaged tissue.

Regenerative therapies are the safe, non-invasive, ethical and powerful solution to chronic joint pain and suffering and the future of improving joint mobility and function.

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