WHAT IF CRAVINGS WERE GONE? With this program, it’s been happening…
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  • Can significantly reduce or virtually eliminate cravings
  • Simple, outpatient procedure
  • Customized counseling program
  • Effective, efficient, private and confidential
  • Virtually no time away from work or family
  • Uses non-addictive medication

Millions of people across the nation struggle with addiction and suffer the indignities of the disease. The complex nature of addiction requires treatment to be comprehensive. Effective treatment must address the psychosocial, behavioral, and medical/physical factors inherent in addiction.

The BioCorRx® Recovery is a cutting-edge, comprehensive Medication-assisted Treatment (MAT) program, using the non-addictive medication naltrexone for the treatment of alcohol and opioid addiction. The program is available now from independent medical providers.

Naltrexone Implant

The naltrexone implant, a non-addictive medication that significantly reduces the physical cravings common with alcohol and drug addiction, is a compounded formula delivered in the form of a biodegradable, time-release pellet.




Recovery Counseling

As the intense and burdensome cravings for alcohol are curbed by the naltrexone, patients are receptive and ready to focus on identifying and managing triggers, isolate and replace destructive thought patterns, and modify unhealthy behaviors.




Life in Recovery

The program is designed to work around the demands of your everyday life, and structure in a way so you will not miss time at work or priceless time with your family and friends.





Hope Revived

Tailored specifically for helping each individual’s mental and spiritual recovery from addiction, the BioCorRx Recovery Program provides the tools to support patients in adjusting to a happier, healthier alcohol or drug-free life.