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Year after year, “lose weight” tops the list of New Year’s Resolutions for most Americans. Yet, after only six weeks, 80% of them will have given up on their goal.

Anyone who has tried diet and exercise routines knows that losing weight – and keeping it off – is hard. Statistics show that nearly all dieters (90-95%) will gain back all the weight they lost – plus some – within one to five years. Those who have gone through the cycle of weight loss and regain often feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

At Lyceum Physical Medicine, we know that the latest fad diets only feed the cycle of rebound dieting and don’t offer long-term solutions. With our medically-based weight loss and nutrition programs, we help you gain lasting control over your health.

Why is it So Hard to Lose Weight?

Diet programs like to make it seem that losing weight is a simple matter of willpower and their “special” dietary plan. In reality, long-term weight loss involves lifestyle and nutrition changes. Some of these are simple changes, such as cutting out soda and drinking more water. But it also involves hard changes, like unlearning bad habits and replacing them with new, healthier behaviors.

If you’ve been riding the weight loss rollercoaster, the good news is it’s not you. There is no magic, one-size-fits all diet: every body is unique. Family history, metabolism, activity level, gender, age, and current health all factor into how your body loses weight. That is why the diet that worked so well for your friend or coworker will not necessarily work for you.

At Lyceum Physical Medicine, our team of medical practitioners is focused on individualized care. We don’t prescribe radical lifestyle changes, surgery, or damaging medications. Instead, we use common-sense, medically-based protocols that lead to changes in body chemistry. We evaluate your health, nutritional, and weight-management goals and needs to create a sensible plan tailored to you. We know that weight loss isn’t a “quick fix”: healthy, sustained weight loss takes place over time. Our experienced doctors will guide you every step of the way and are always available to answer your questions.

Take Control of Your Health With Lyceum Physical Medicine

If you’re done with unsuccessful diet and exercise routines, schedule a consultation with one of our doctors to receive a personalized plan. Our weight-loss and nutrition programs are based in science, not the latest fads, and are customized to meet your particular needs and goals.

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