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As the old carol goes, “Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat” – and no one wants to be the goose! Between Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas cookies, eggnog, and New Year’s champagne toasts, it can be easy to put healthy eating on the back burner. Not only does this lead to an expanding waistline, it can dampen your holiday spirit by making you feel ill. Overindulgence can also lead to a habit of overeating that takes time to unlearn. But by implementing just a few simple tips, you can maintain healthy eating habits this holiday season.

6 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

  1. Be realistic – The holidays are probably not the right time to start that diet you’ve been planning. Instead, focus on maintaining your current weight and learning healthy eating habits.
  2. Schedule time for exercise – Exercise reduces stress and boosts your metabolism, helping you burn more calories. Even a moderate increase in exercise can help offset holiday eating, such as two 10-15 minute brisk walks a day.
  3. Don’t skip meals – Some people think they can “save up” calories for that big meal, but that can lead to over-indulgence. Having several small meals throughout the day, or eating a light snack of raw vegetables or fruit before a party, can help control your appetite.
  4. Eat what you love, leave what you like – It is tempting to pounce on the buffet and simply grab every food that strikes your fancy, but our eyes are often bigger than our stomachs. Instead, take time to survey the food options and choose only those you love, leaving less favorable foods. Be sure to include vegetables and fruits to keep your plate – and diet – balanced.
  5. Don’t drink your calories – Soda, eggnog and alcohol are extremely high in calories and sugar, making it very easy to consume large quantities of calories without even realizing. Alcohol is especially sneaky, as it can lower your inhibitions and lead to overeating.
  6. Offer to bring a healthy dish – Do your family or friends tend to set out a spread of unhealthy foods? Why not call the host ahead of time and ask if you can bring a healthy dish? By bringing a dish to your holiday gathering, you can ensure that there is a healthy offering available. And the host will probably be happy to have help feeding a hungry crowd!

Get Nutrition and Weight Loss Advice from the Experts at Lyceum Physical Medicine

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